With the Slack app you can easily set up personal notifications for your favorite apps. Walterbot is a chat bot in Wercker that will keep you updated and allows you to take action directly from inside Slack.

Here’s an example notification:

Example Notification

Want to start using it?

You can start using the app in 3 simple steps:

  1. Install the app for your Slack team (using the button below)
  2. Link your Wercker account with the app with the /walter register [token] command. You can generate the token on
  3. Use /walter subscribe to set up the notifications you want to receive

Ready? Start now: Add to Slack


Can I get notifications in other channels (instead of a direct message)?

Currently, Walter only communicates directly with you. Having Walter communicate in public channels is something we are considering for the future.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us on our public Slack channel:

Supported commands

The following commands are supported:

  1. /walter register links your Wercker account with the slack app
  2. /walter subscribe set up personal notifications for the apps that you want to keep posted on
  3. /walter unsubscribe remove notifications you no longer care about
  4. /walter unregister allows you to unlink your Wercker account (from the Slack app)
  5. /walter help or /walter [command] help will give you hints about which commands and options there are and what they do


/walter register [token]

Go to your profile at and generate a new token. This token allows the Slack app to verify who you are on Slack and ensure that you can also get notifications for private applications.


/walter subscribe list

Returns a list of notifications, for example: list of notifications

/walter subscribe to wercker/slackbot on fail for build by me

subscription added


/walter unsubscribe

Displays a list of subscriptions:

subscription list

You’ll be asked to confirm each deletion, so there’s no chance of accidentally deleting a notification.


/walter unregister

Allows you to unlink your Wercker account. As a consequence all subscriptions you’ve created will also be removed (since they won’t work anyway).