The step.yml file is the step manifest file which is required in order to build a custom step. The file must be placed in the root directory of your repository.

There are some top level configuration options:

name: slack-notifier
version: 1.4.0
summary: Posts Wercker build/deploy status to a Slack channel.
 - notification
 - webhook
 - slack
Name Required Type Description
name Y String The name of the step
version Y String The version of the step - must valid semver format
summary Y String A short description of the step, typically a single line or paragraph.
tags N List List of keywords describing the step.


Step properties are parameters for the step.

  - name: who
    type: string
    required: true
Name Required Type Description
name N String The name of the parameter.
type N String The type of the parameter, currently only “string” is supported.
required N Boolean Whether the parameter is required or not.
default N String The default value of the parameter if no value was supplied.