Step Marketplace (Step Registry)

The Step Marketplace (also called the Step Registry) is a marketplace of Steps created by the Wercker community. All Steps are currently public and free for all users to incorporate into their pipelines.

Finding a step

The registry makes it easy to search for steps by name, owner, description or tag, and sort by popularity.

Since everybody can create steps, you may want to check the code of the steps before you use them, you may want to limit yourself to official wercker steps.

Go and explore the step registry

Detail page

Each step has a detailed page that shows all the information you need to start using it. In the header you will find some basic information on the version number, who published it, last updated and how many times it has been executed.

How to use it

Click Download source code and then copy and paste the example code to your wercker.yml. This is the quickest way to start using a step.

Most of the steps need environment variables setup to work

Read me

Each step also shows the README.MD that is located in the Git repository. This usually tells you a bit more what the available options of that step are, which environment variables it expects, how to use it and what it actually does.

Creating steps

The creation of steps is currently not supported in the Docker enabled (Ewok) version of wercker. All steps that are currently deployed in the step registry are however available to use, as well as new ones created on the Classic version of Wercker.

If you are looking in to creating your own custom step, continue reading the following link.

Read more on creating your own steps