Wercker Tools

The Wercker platform consists of four main tools: Wercker Web, the Wercker Command-Line Interace (CLI), an API and the Steps Marketplace (also known as the Steps Registry).

Wercker Web

The Wercker Web interface is a graphical, Web-based frontend for adding applications, configuring environment variables and monitoring your workflows. Read more about it here.

Wercker CLI

The Wercker CLI provides a command-line interface that you can run on your local development station to build and test applications. It supports Linux and macOS. Read more about it here.

Wercker API

Using the Wercker API, you can control tasks in Wercker using HTTP endpoints. The API is currently in alpha. Read more here.

Steps Marketplace (Steps Registry)

In the Steps Marketplace (also called the Steps Registry), you can download and share Steps with other Wercker users. The Steps Marketplace is documented here.