People and Teams

To start managing your organization, you will first need to add people to it.

If you are part of the owners team of an organization, you have access to the settings page. You can reach that page via the organizations’ profile page. The manage buttons on that page will only be visible for team members on the owners team.


Managing members happens in the People section of your organization’s settings page.


There are two ways of adding people to an organization, by their username or invite people to an organization via email.

Add by username

Start by clicking on the Add User button and select by username. In the module that appears next, you can add new users. Newly added users are immediately visible on the user’s list, and you can immediately start adding them to teams or change the visibility of their membership.

Add by Username

Add by email

Adding by email is particularly handy when inviting users who are not yet on the platform or whose username you don’t know. The drawback is that you can only add the users to teams when they’ve accepted the invitation.

Add by Email

Responding to an invitation

In the email, there’s a Join organization button you need to click. It will bring you to the invite details page.

Responding to an Invitation

By clicking accept here, you join the organization. People who are in the owner’s team in the organization will receive an email notifying them that you’ve accepted the organization (unless they’ve explicitly turned off all email notifications).

You can decline an invitation without needing to log in

Managing users

After adding a user to the organization (or after a user has accepted an invitation), you can set the visibility of their membership as either public or private. This enables you to hide certain people from the organization’s public profile.


You manage teams in in the Team’s tab of your organization’s settings page.


All organizations have an owners team, which is created at the same time as the organization. The owner’s team is responsible for managing the organization’s settings, members, and teams. Read more on the owner’s team

When you create a new team called frontend, for example, you can start adding team members.

Frontend Team

you can only add users who are part of your organization

The next step is adding an application to your organization so you can add teams to collaborate.

Read more on adding an application