Through organizations you can create and organize teams to make access management on applications way easier and more efficient.

You can start to create a new ‘Organization’ from the create drop-down or from your profile settings page.

As you can see you can choose between two options on how to create a new organization.

Create Organization


Creating a new organization only requires you to fill in an organization name and contact email address. This email address is also used to create your organizations avatar with Gravatar.


With convert you can use the username that you are logged in with, to convert your user to a new organization with the name of the user who is currently logged in.

Please note that converting a user to an organization is a permanent action.

Fill in a contact email address. This email address will also be used to create your organization’s avatar with Gravatar.

Pick a new username

Because your current username will be used as the organization’s name, you will need to enter a new username for the current user with which you can log in.

Once you have completed converting your user, you will be logged out and in, in order to finalize the process.


When you have created your organization, a new owners team is added as the first team. The owners team is responsible for the applications, people, teams, and access management of an organization.

Learn more about creating an application owned by an organization