Wercker offers three different type of notifications.

  • Built-in system notifications
  • Built-in email notifications
  • Custom notifier after-steps

Built-in notifications

The built-in notifications will notify you on build and deploy events, collaborator changes, and comments.

Read more on our built-in notifications

Notification steps

Notifications steps are invoked as pipeline after-steps. These will be run after a build or deploy, regardless of if the result has failed or passed.

        - slack-notifier:
            url: $SLACK_URL
            channel: notifications
            username: werckerbot
            notify_on: "failed"

And because you can create your own custom pipeline steps with wercker, a wide variety can already be found on the Wercker Steps Registry.

For example these two after-steps are created by wercker and ready to be used:

  • HipChat after step
  • Slack after step