Creating an Account and Signing On to Oracle Container Pipelines (Wercker)

Before you can begin to use Wercker, you must create a Wercker user account. This can be done directly through Wercker, GitHub, or with your Oracle Cloud account.

To create an account, go to or click on the “Sign Up” button at the top right corner of any page. Note: The “Sign Up” button only appears if you are not already logged in to Wercker, or are not in the process of logging in or signing up for an Oracle Cloud account with Wercker.

Upon clicking on either the “Sign Up” button or the link provided above, you will be redirected to the page to create a new user.

Create Account

When creating a new account, you have the option to do so directly with Wercker, with your GitHub account, or with your Oracle Cloud account.

Once you sign up with a username, password, and email address to create your new Wercker account, you will receive an account activation email. The activation email contains a link that will allow you to activate the account. Upon activating your account, you can start working with Wercker.

Create a Wercker Account Through GitHub

If you choose to sign up using GitHub and authenticate with GitHub, it will ask you to authorize Wercker to connect to your GitHub account. Once you have authorized Wercker to access your GitHub account, you will be asked to provide a username and email address to associate with your new Wercker account.

Create Github Account

After you have provided the username and email address, click Finish Up to start working with Wercker.

Create a Wercker Account Through Oracle Cloud

Wercker, also known as Oracle Container Pipelines in Oracle Cloud, is fully integrated with Oracle Cloud’s single sign-on service. This allows an Oracle Cloud user to access Wercker using their cloud account credentials.

Account creation/sign-on tasks fall into two categories:

  • Tasks performed by the cloud account administrator
  • Tasks performed by a regular Wercker account user

Tasks Performed by the Cloud Account Administrator

Creating an Oracle Cloud Account

If you have not already done so, sign up for Oracle Cloud. See Manage Oracle Cloud Accounts and Services for details.

Upon signing up, you will receive a Welcome to Oracle Cloud email containing access and service activation details. Once your services have been activated, you will receive another Welcome to Oracle Cloud email providing you with a link to your Oracle Cloud Account sign-in page.

Enabling Single Sign-on

The following steps must be performed by your Oracle Cloud account administrator.

  1. Sign on to your Oracle Cloud Account. The Oracle Cloud My Services dashboard displays.
  2. Click Customize Dashboard. The dashboard service selector displays.
  3. Scroll down the service selector page to the Container Pipelines service (under Platform).

    Container Pipeline Service

  4. Click Show for the Container Pipelines service.

  5. Close the dashboard service selector. The Container Pipelines service now appears in the dashboard.

  6. From the Container Pipelines action menu, select Open Service Console.

    Open Service Console

    If you are selecting the Open Service Console menu option for the first time, the Welcome to Oracle Container Pipelines page displays.

    Welcome to Oracle Container Pipeline

  7. Click INITIALIZE INTEGRATION WITH ORACLE CLOUD to enable single sign-on. When prompted, click Allow to give Wercker permission to use your email address.

    Permission to Use Email Address

  8. From the Continue signup page, click NO to create a new Wercker account.

    Continue Signup

    Note that clicking YES lets you to link your Oracle Cloud account to an existing Wercker user account.

    Adding Existing Wercker Organizations to Oracle Cloud Accounts: When you link an existing Wercker organization to your Oracle Cloud account, it will be converted to a billable asset under your Oracle Cloud account and will benefit from significant upgrades. By associating a Wercker organization with your Oracle Cloud account, you get (by default) a dedicated VM and three runners to use exclusively to run any jobs, workflows, and pipelines of the organization. Non-Oracle Wercker organizations share pooled resources and are subject to processing limitations set for all shared-resource customers combined.

  9. For this task, you are creating a new user. Click NO to display the Create new user page and enter a username and email address you want associated with the Wercker account.

    Create New User

  10. Enter a Wercker organization name. Organization names must be lower-case. Only letters and numbers are allowed. No special characters are permitted.

    Complete Signup

    Note: Oracle Cloud accounts are limited to a single organization that has three private/exclusive runners dedicated to executing the pipeline.

  11. Click Finish. You will be logged in to Wercker.

Once you have enabled Oracle Cloud single sign-on integration with Wercker, users in your Oracle Cloud tenancy will be able to use their Oracle Cloud account credentials to access Wercker.

Tasks Performed by a Regular Wercker Account User

If a user in your Oracle Cloud account tenancy already has a Wercker account, they will be given the opportunity to link to that account the first time they log in to Wercker using their Oracle Cloud credentials. If they do not have an existing Wercker account, they will be given the opportunity to create one.


You have an Existing Oracle Cloud Account but are New to Wercker

If you already have an Oracle Cloud account, but are new to Wercker, when you log in to Wercker for the first time, you will be asked to allow Wercker to use your email address. You will then be asked whether you want to link existing accounts. Select NO to create a new Wercker user account.

Signing in with Certain Older Cloud Accounts

If your cloud account was created before Container Pipelines Service integration with Oracle Identity Cloud Service, your cloud account did not require information allowing you to enable single sign-on with Oracle Identity Cloud Service. In this situation, additional account configuration needs to be performed by Oracle. The sign-on process will give you the opportunity to submit a support ticket.

Linking Existing Wercker Accounts to your Oracle Cloud Account

If you have an existing Wercker account, you can link the Wercker account to your Oracle Cloud account. As shown in Step 8 above, if you click YES, you will be asked to authenticate your Wercker account by logging in using one of the following methods:

  • Wercker account
  • GitHub
  • An existing Oracle Cloud account that is different from this Oracle Cloud account and is already linked to a Wercker account

The Oracle Cloud account administrator can link existing Wercker accounts during the initial single sign-on setup. Non-administrator Wercker users are given the opportunity to link existing Wercker accounts when signing in for the first time.