Application Access

Providing Access to Your Applications

To give users access to one of your Wercker applications, click on the Access tab. This will bring up the Access Management screen. You will see a list of the users who currently have access, along with their permission levels.

Application Access Tab

User Access List with Permission Levels

The owner of the application will be at the top of the list.

At the bottom of the list is a field where you can enter the username or email address of the user you want to add.

User Access List

Entering a New User

To add a user, enter the name or address, select the permission level (Execute Pipelines, Execute & Manage Pipelines, or Admin), and click on Add. The new user will be added to the list.

Entering a New User

Adding a User

To find out more about permissions, see

Accessing Applications

To access an application, click on Applications in the Wercker toolbar. This will bring up the Applications page, listing all of the applications to which you have access.

Wercker Toolbar Applications Link

To select an application from the list, click on its name or icon.

Applications Listing

Selecting an Application

This will bring up the project page for that application, with the Runs tab displayed by default. To manage the application in Wercker, click on the appropriate tab: Workflows, Access, Environment, or Options.

Application Runs Tab

Application Project Page

To access the Git project, click on the commit number or the Git button in the appropriate run listing.

Searching the Application Listing

Searching the Application List

You can filter the list by entering a string in the Search field. When you do this, only those projects for which the name or owner field contains the search string will be listed. You can also filter the list using the Filter On switch: All lists all projects, while Mine lists only projects for which you are the owner. The Search field and Filter On switch work together.