Creating a yml

A wercker.yml defines the Steps required to execute automation tasks for your application, along with the Pipelines that group them.

Below is a complete working example for a Node.js application, built from the nodesource trusty Docker base image, which would be automatically pulled at runtime.

This wercker.yml defines a build pipeline that executes the npm-install and npm-tests, followed by a script step that executes some inline code for displaying the node and npm versions.

box: nodesource/trusty
# Build definition
  # The steps that will be executed on build
    # A step that executes `npm install` command
    - npm-install
    # A step that executes `npm test` command
    - npm-test

    # A custom script step, name value is used in the UI
    # and the code value contains the command that get executed
    - script:
        name: echo nodejs information
        code: |
          echo "node version $(node -v) running"
          echo "npm version $(npm -v) running"