The Wercker command line interface supports the following commands:

   build, b     build a project
   dev          build a local project
   check-config check the project's yaml
   deploy, d    deploy a project
   detect, de   detect the type of project
   login, l     log into wercker
   logout, l    logout from wercker
   pull, p      pull a build result
   version, v   display version information
   help, h      Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --environment "ENVIRONMENT"   specify additional environment variables in a file
   --verbose                     print more information
   --no-colors                   wercker output will not use colors (does not apply to step output)
   --debug                       print additional debug information
   --journal                     Send logs to systemd-journald. Suppresses stdout logging.
   --auth-token                  authentication token to use
   --help, -h                    show help
   --version, -v                 print the version


The detect command introspects your projects and generates wercker.yml files for your projects.

Currently go, python, nodejs and ruby are supported in the detect command

Build and Dev

The build and dev commands execute these pipelines locally. They are explained in detail here: build and dev.

Note: the deploy command is currently not supported.

Pulling builds

Using the pull command you can download a container from the wercker platform after which you can use Docker commands to debug this container locally. Note that you have to add the internal/store to your wercker.yml. You can read more about pulling builds here

Logging in

You can log into wercker with your username and password as follows:

wercker login

This will save a token in your $HOME/.wercker folder, so you don’t have to login the next time.

Note that if you’ve signed up with GitHub you will need a password for the CLI which you can create on your profile page on Wercker.


You can check if you’re running the latest version of the CLI by running:

> wercker version

Version: 1.0.54
Git commit: dabc15876b877209047fa926774f97f001afbf43
No new version available

When your Wercker version is not up to date, the CLI will ask you to download a newer version of the CLI.

Note: when upgrading to a new version, the binary will download into the current working directory. Be sure to replace the current binary. You can find out where the old binary lives by executing which wercker.