This section outlines the steps needed to install the Wercker CLI.


In order to make use of all the features within the CLI, you will need a working Docker environment. You can install Docker and Docker-machine using Docker Toolbox.

Setting up

After installing Docker and Docker-machine, you’ll need to create a new virtual machine that will run Docker:

docker-machine create --driver virtualbox dev

Then, once you’ve created your VM, you will need to export some variables to your environment:

eval "$(docker-machine env dev)"

Note that you will need to do this every time you start a new shell. Add this line to your .profile to circumvent this.

Installing the CLI

Now that your environment is set up, you can install wercker using brew!

brew tap wercker/wercker
brew install wercker-cli

Don’t have brew? You can also install the CLI manually:

curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/wercker

Getting started

Now that you’ve succesfully installed brew, you can get started with one of our quickstarts.