Developer Documentation

Important Notice: Wercker service will be shutdown on October 31st, 2022 . We recommend you to use OCI DevOps service. Thank you for using Wercker.

Note: OCI DevOps doesn't have a free build resource for free-tier "always free" account types; if you migrate to OCI DevOps, you will need a paid Oracle Cloud account. You can upgrade to a paid Oracle Cloud account by adding a payment method. OCI offers "Pay As You Go" if your usage is small. For larger accounts, please contact one of our Oracle Sales team members for assistance.

Welcome to the Wercker Documentation!

If you are new to Wercker we suggest you start by reading through the Steps, Pipelines, Workflows, and wercker.yml sections, which will help you understand our core principles and functionalities.

If you’d rather jump right in, we have quickstart tutorials available for applications in a variety of languages.