Wercker offers a built-in notifications system that will notify you on build and deploy events, collaborator changes, and comments.

System notifications

You can find the notifications on the top menu, look for the bell icon or the yellow circle indicating how many new notifications you have received.


In this case the inbox is empty but you can mark as read and clear allnotifications.


Email notifications

The same events that trigger the system notifications can also trigger emails. The emails get sent to the email address you signed up with.

If you want to change that email address and switch the notifications on or off. You can go to your profile settings page and then click the email link in the side menu.

When you choose to receive email notifications we give the option to fine-tune this to your own liking. Say you are a programmer and hard at work on a new feature, you can choose to only receive emails when your own builds fail. Or if you are a manager and want to be notified when a new feature is released, you can choose to receive mails for all successful deploys.

Go and setup your preference ›