Adding a New Application

For adding new applications on wercker we created a simple wizard. The wizard will take you through a couple of guided steps to get the best setup from the get go.

When you are logged in, you can choose to create a new ‘Application’ from the create drop-down.


Step 1: Choose a Git provider

We first allow you to select your git provider, currently either GitHub or Bitbucket. If you’ve already authorized wercker to connect with either of these platforms, we will show you this as well.


Step 2: Select a repository

We now present you with a list of repositories, and also show if a repository is private, public, and if it’s a fork of another repo. We offer an input field which you can use to filter your repositories, making the selection even snappier.


In addition to the private and public status of a repo, we also show when a repository is already added to wercker. When that is the case, you can choose to join and become a collaborator on that repository. When joining you will getBuild + view deploys access rights to the app.

You are not allowed to join an application if the repository was already added by an organization. This is because all collaborator management is done by the owners of that organization.

Step 3: Select owner

When you’re part of an owners team you can add applications to an organization.


Step 4: Configure access

Wercker uses an SSH key to checkout the code to run a build. For private repositories you need to add a public SSH key as a deploy key to your repository, or you can add this public SSH key to a user which has access to the repository.

For public repositories you don’t have to add a public SSH key, you just need to make sure you selected the public repository option in the repository access settings of the application.

See the section on repository access for more information on this.


Step 5: Finishing up

You are almost there! Set your application to public if you want to share it with the world. Public applications will only show your builds.

When clicking the Finish button you will be taken to the main application page.