Virtual Private Pipelines

Wercker VPP is a Single-Tenant, SaaS delivered Docker-native CI/CD automation platform. It is fully managed and scalable and is ideally suited to Cloud-Native development (whilst being supportive of other paradigms). Companies use Wercker to develop, build, test and deploy microservice applications to the cloud.

What is it, and who is it for? 

We've designed Wercker VPP for software development teams building, testing and deploying business critical apps to the cloud.

Wercker is especially valuable for teams working in the cloud-native world using:

  • Micro-services: We support service definition, API contract testing and more
  • Docker: Wercker is Docker-native, every pipeline runs in a Docker container, every build artefact can be a Docker container (it doesn't have to be so don't worry if you're still deploying a binary in some projects)
  • Container Schedulers: We work with them all but we're optimised for Kubernetes
  • Container Registries: We integrated well with Docker Hub, Quai, ECR and GCR and support others too
  • Cloud Deployment: We work closely with AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to make sure your deployments are fast, secure and highly available

Some features and benefits

  • Network Isolation: Pipelines run in dedicated single-tenancy ensuring secure a Docker environment

  • Organisational Queues: Only jobs from your organisation will run on your environment so if you have extra workload you'll just queue behind your colleagues or you can just add another level of concurrency if you need an extra queue!

  • Flexible Concurrency: Scale up in a matter of minutes for new projects or teams

  • Complex Workflows: Create multiple parallel build and test pipelines and deploy to registries and schedulers like Kubernetes

  • Programatic Container Building: we support and encourage programmatic building of containers, build a base image, then build on that, branch pipelines to ensure test containers have dependencies but prod ones do not

  • Premium Support: VPP Customers receive premium support from our customer success team and can schedule session with our Solutions Architect to optimise their usage

  • Annual and Multi-Year Contracts: If you're ready to commit to Wercker we offer a 16% discount for 12 month contracts and for larger levels of concurrency or multi-year contract you can talk to our enterprise team

How do I get it?

VPP is assigned to an organisation so you either need to be an org admin already or create a new org to get going with VPP. If you're an admin your workloads will automatically shift to VPP in a matter of minutes after purchase!

You can start to create a new ‘Organization’ from the create drop-down or from your profile settings page.

As you can see you can choose between two options on how to create a new organization.



Creating a new organization only requires you to fill in an organization name and contact email address. This email address is also used to create your organizations avatar with Gravatar.


With convert you can use the username that you are logged in with, to convert your user to new organization with the name of the current logged in user..

*Please note that converting a user to an organization is a permanent action.

Fill in a contact email address. This email address will also be used to create your organization’s avatar with Gravatar.

Pick a new username

Because your current username will be used as the organization’s name, you will need to enter a new username for the current user with which you can log in.

Once you have completed converting your user, you will be logged out and in, in order to finalize the process.


When you have created your organization, a new owners team is added as the first team. The owners team is responsible for the applications, people, teams, and access management of an organization.

Learn more about creating an application owned by an organization

Already have an Organization? 

Navigate to your organization settings* and choose Virtual Private Pipelines on the left-hand side.

*Please note that you have to be the Organisation owner, otherwise, create a new organization where you are the owner to access VPP. 

Get Started with VPP