Adding an Application

When you’re part of an owners team you can add applications to an organization.

There are two ways of adding an application to your organization. One is through the add application wizard, and the second one is to transfer the ownership of an existing application to your organization.

Add application wizard

When adding a new application on wercker you now have the option to choose the owner of the application.


When the app is created the owners team automatically gets admin permissions to the application, as you can see in the collaborators section of the application settings.



Now you can start adding the teams you want to collaborate with on the new application.

Transfer ownership

You can also transfer the ownership of an existing application to an organization. Note that you can only do this when you’re on the owners team of an organization.


When you’re transferring an application all the access that has been granted earlier, automatically gets revoked. This is done because the “owners” team is responsible for all management of an organization and they can re-add those users through teams.

We give an extra warning when you’re about to transfer ownership, because at this moment it is not possible to transfer an application back to a user or to an other organization.

API user

Normally the owner’s GitHub or Bitbucket credentials are used for setting the status of builds and to make various API calls.

An organization doesn’t have the option to connect to GitHub or Bitbucket, so you can select an organization member whose credentials will be used.


The account of the user who added the application is used by default. Users with admin permissions can change which account is used for this.